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Childbirth Education

This class covers all you need to know for medicated and unmedicated childbirth

What you'll learn

This class incorporates everything you need to know from the early stages of labor up until the moment you are discharged from the hospital. You will learn about:

  • Signs and symptoms of labor

  • Stages of labor

  • Pain management options

  • Partner participation during and after labor

  • Basic breathing techniques

  • Cesarean section

  • Postpartum care and what to expect during the hospital stay

  • and more!

Best if taken between 26-35 weeks of pregnancy. 

​Class Duration: 4 Hours 

​Price:  $200 per expecting mom & one support

Location: Your home or our N.Andover location



About Your Instructor

Nancy Abbott, Has been supporting birthing families for over 50yrs and has attended over 700 births.  She is a well respected doula in the community with knowledge in all areas of childbirth.  Nancy has assisted laboring women at all the area hospitals so she will be familiar with the place you are birthing.  Her endless knowledge and calming demeanor make her the perfect person to guide you through your childbirth journey.

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