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The Process

Let us do the work

Your birthing partner will let us know when you are in labor and when it's time to pick up the placenta.  We will come right to you at the hospital or your home to pick the placenta.

The placenta is prepared by the traditional chinese method (TCM) It's steamed to 165 degrees, then dehydrated and then processed into the powder that goes into the capsules.  

There is nothing added.  Just 100% your placenta.

After your order is complete, it will be delivered back to you via priority mail or in person delivery.

The process takes approx 48-72hrs

Need more info on the benefits - Click here

Can you encapsulate if you you have a cesarean? - YES!

Can you encapsulate if you are GBS positive? - YES!

We are aware due dates vary quite a bit. 

We are available to you no matter when you deliver. 4 weeks early or 2 weeks late.

It is easier if you book ahead but we do our best to accommodate last minute clients 

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