Baby Beginnings New England will provide professional quality placenta encapsulation services, adhere to the highest safety standards, and help every birthing woman have the best mothering experience possible.

Placenta Encapsulation Package


Includes Capsules, Print and Cord Keepsake
  • I offer safe and reliable Placenta Encapsulation Services in MA and NH.  

  • Prepared with the Traditional Chinese Method  

  • A single placenta will give you  80-150 capsules.

  • Helps/eliminates baby blues, PPD, helps with milk supply, stress and energy levels, postpartum bleeding and even improve your hair and nails.

  • To learn more about Placenta encapsulation and how it is done go HERE

  • For questions or to schedule please call or text

  •  978-494-4490 or fill out the contact form 

***There is a $50 delivery fee for certain areas.  Check HERE  to see if we serve your area.  

Delivery fee can be avoided if partner is willing to meet halfway and 2 day shipping for product delivery***

Placenta Tincture 
$25 for 4oz*       $50 for 8oz*

Having a part of your placenta tinctured to consume postpartum is a great long term energy boost. Tinctures last for years and years, retaining its potency for menopause use. Great lasting use of your placenta after your pills are finished. Also can be used when you reach menopause.

Placenta Necklace Pendant


Placenta Pendants are made 1 of 2 ways.

  • One way is to have an image of your placenta print put into a pendant 

  • A piece of the amniotic sac that carried your baby can be dehydrated and be encapsulated into the pendant.

Placenta "Tree of Life" Prints and Cord Keepsake
$15 (free with encapsulation)

Placenta Salve


Portions of the placenta may also be used to make a healing balm, or salve, with added herbs and oils. This salve is gentle on skin and can be made to be hypoallergenic, and has healing properties that can help treat hemorrhoids, perineal tearing, sore or cracked nipples, sunburn, diaper rash, C-section scars, and other various skin issues and irritations on mother or baby.

**  If You Are ONLY Interested in Salve or Tincture, There is a $200 Fee in Addition to the Price for Processing the Placenta, Pick Up and Return.  The Prices Above Reflect in Addition to the Placenta Capsules Package. 
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