Stacey has acted as a post-partum overnight doula for us for both our children when they were infants.  Around when both kids hit 12 weeks, but still were not sleeping well we just hit a wall with sleep deprivation.  Stacey swooped in and saved us with some much needed overnight help.  She is great with infants and even offered suggestions on how to help both kids sleep better.  I highly recommend her.

Stacey was recommended to us by the instructor of our childbirth class. We found Stacey to be warm, approachable, responsive, and open to the kind of birth experience we wanted to have. At no point did she seem to have an agenda or favor one approach over another, which made it easy to ask her for objective information and use her experience to make our own decisions along the way. During the birth she was a quiet optimist and a great coach to both me and my husband, Mike. She even helped out with my panicked questions about breastfeeding after the baby was born. We would most definitely recommend working with Stacey whether you are hoping for an intervention-free birth, or prefer pain relief options, and would gladly work with her again ourselves! 

E. Streeter       


We had a very good experience with Stacey.  She was totally on our side, and helped us prepare for what was to come. She was honest about what to expect without any melodrama. She is an experienced professional with good judgement and poise.

In the delivery room she was in exactly the right place and frame of mind at all times. She was never in the way or obtrusive with the doctors and nurses, and always supportive and gave great assistance. At one particular moment she made exactly the right suggestion to ease the delivery - she was the only one in  the room who had the right idea at that important time. In that way she was truly indespensable.  We recommend her highly.

A Pangaro      

I would like to say that yesterday class was excellent, VERY informative. The presenter was outstanding, she made sure we understood everything. Looking forward to take more classes :). Thank you for everything, I am so glad I chose Baby Beginnings.
Sandra C.

"My three year old twins had a great experience at the Boston Baby Beginings sibling class in preparation for their new little brother. They learned so much in a fun and inviting atmosphere. The games and activities were perfect for keeping little minds engaged. I would highly recommend this class for soon to be siblings of all ages."
Karen M.

Raeanne, Thank you again for preparing us for her early arrival. I would have bet millions that a few of those bigger tummy women were going to go first. I NEVER thought in a million years that we'd be having a baby that night. We were sooooooo prepared and had the most beautiful labor and delivery. It was such a fabulous experience that as soon as I had Maya in my arms, I said, "I will do this all over again!" NOW I understand why women have more than one child. 
Mike (AKA “Daddy the Diaper King”)

Stacey taught a class on labor comfort measures and so impressed us with her calm, honest and confident approach that we asked her to assist us during the birth of our baby a month later.

Stacey was on hand in the delivery ward after I had already opted to have an epidural, and she provided invaluable support for me and my husband: explained the situation as my labor progressed, kept me supplied with water and all the necessities, rubbed away cramps in my legs and back, and most importantly, in the heat of labor, she kept me focused and determined. She was also tremendously helpful to my husband, advising him on comfort techniques and maintaining a calm, supportive atmosphere under pressure. She is also a very fine photographer!

We are so grateful to her.

C. Henderson        

My husband and I were looking for a doula to help us with the process of our first child's birth, with the hope of having a more informed, guided experience that could be as natural as possible. Stacey was referred to us with glowing references from the nurse conducting the prenatal classes at our hospital, so right off the bat we felt assured that Stacey was competent at what she did. When we met Stacey at our home for the first time, we felt a sense of ease and comfort while chatting with her, and felt she would be a good person to help us through this special experience.

Our daughter decide to arrive between two major snow storms, and Stacey was at the hospital bright and early the day we checked in to the hospital. As first deliveries go, my labor turned out to be a long and drawn out process, and Stacey was by our side the entire time! She went above and beyond to use her experience in helping me be as relaxed and comfortable and facilitate the labor process naturally. As the labor chugged along, she felt like part of the family, and helped my husband deal with the unique stresses of a first-time labor. She offered her advise and input, while never stepping on any toes or interfering with the medical team, a quality that we really appreciated. Finally when our baby arrived, she shared in our joy just as a friend would. Stacey continued to check in with me after the birth, and helped me with the challenges of the earlly few weeks.

We are very happy that we decided to choose a doula, and that we were lucky enough to have a wonderful perosn like Stacey. With her easy smile and affectionate nature, she can be a joyful companion through the crazy journey that is childbirth!

S. Sonni