No Matter Where the Placenta is Prepared
These Things Remain Constant…

The placenta only comes in contact with the disinfected equipment or disposable materials provided by the PES (placenta encapsulation specialist). The placenta rarely, if ever, comes in direct contact with the location’s surfaces.

There is no chance of an accidental “mix up” occurring with a trained, ethical and trustworthy PES. Whether the placenta is encapsulated in your home or the PES’s space, the protocol requires working on only one placenta at a time per location.

The placenta is prepared using an identical protocol. There is no variation in preparation based on the location.

The disinfection of the surfaces and equipment is precisely the same. Universal precautions are used in ALL locations. There is no reason for one place to be automatically safer than another.

The PES’s ethics, experience, professionalism and training do not change based on where she prepares a placenta.

Placenta encapsulation is not currently regulated on the federal or state level. It is not illegal to encapsulate in your home or anyone else’s home.

Specialist’s Workspace

 If you prefer privacy after your baby is born and don’t want to see, hear or smell the process, this may be the right choice for you.

Your Home Kitchen

Some mothers prefer for their placenta to be prepared in their home kitchen. If you have a desire to observe the process and ask your specialists questions in person during the process, this is a great option. You can also have the specialist use your own equipment if you prefer.  In home prep only offered within 30 minute radius of 01835