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Stacey Bunyar
Labor and Postpartum Doula


Doula Services are here to support you through all stages of pregnancy.  We are here to care for you, empower you and educate you before, during and after childbirth.  Antepartum, Labor and Postpartum all have different roles.  Some women hire just one and some hire all three.  


A Birth or Labor Doula  attends to the birthing family before, during, and just after the birth of the baby. The certified doula is trained to deliver emotional support from home to hospital, ease the transition into the hospital environment, and be there through changing hospital shifts and alternating provider schedules. The doula serves as a labor coach and information source to give the mother and her partner the added comfort of additional support throughout the entire labor. She encourages and promotes self-advocacy, informed choice, and excellent communication between the mother and care providers. 

$1,200 in person support;  Virtual Only Services for $750


Postpartum Doulas help make the journey into parenthood easier. We provide emotional and physical support to the family as the mom recovers from childbirth and needs help and reassurance as she starts caring for herself and her newborn.  We assists with overnights and day support.  $35 per hour

The Antepartum Doula, easily known as a High-Risk Pregnancy Support Professional, was created because of a need for specialized support for mothers that are high-risk, especially those that are on bedrest in the hospital or at home.  $35 per hour

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