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Childbirth Education and Preparation

This class incorporates everything you need to know from the early stages of labor up until the moment you are discharged from the hospital. You will learn about:

  • Signs and symptoms of labor

  • Stages of labor

  • Pain management options

  • Partner participation during and after labor

  • Basic breathing techniques

  • Cesarean section

  • Postpartum care and what to expect during the hospital stay

Labor & Delivery Nurses combine 3-D animation, video, hands on components and discussion for the ultimate learning experience. Best if taken between 26-35 weeks of pregnancy. If you are considering an unmedicated childbirth, you may considering taking Advanced Comfort Measures of Labor in conjunction with this class.

Class Duration: 3.5 Hours


Locations:  Virtual

Price:  $125

* per expecting mom & one support person

Baby Basics

This “Parents-To-Be Survival Guide” will help you navigate your first weeks at home with your new addition (or additions!). You will learn about:

  • Newborn care

  • Diapering

  • Swaddling techniques

  • Bathing tips

  • Feeding options

  • Infant safety

  • Newborn sleeping patterns

  • Soothing techniques

  • Choosing a pediatrician

  • Home organization/preparation and much more!

Take advantage of the experienced instructors who combine discussion, demonstration and hands on components for a great learning experience (and leave plenty of time to answer all your questions). Best if taken between 26-35 weeks of pregnancy.


Class Duration: 2.5 Hours


Locations:  Virtual Somerville, MA and North Andover

Price: $85 

* per expecting mom & one support person

Advanced Comfort Measures

Considering natural childbirth? Or looking to explore your options, whether you desire a medicated, unmedicated or limited intervention childbirth? This 2-hour workshop complements our Childbirth Preparation class; focusing on natural ways to manage the sensations and feelings of labor and birth. Taught by a veteran Maternity Nurse, this course covers:

  • Comfort measures (environmental, touch therapy, message, hydrotherapy)

  • Labor positions

  • Advanced breathing and relaxation exercises

  • Visualization

  • Guided imagery & much more!

With plenty of time to practice, these techniques will give each expectant mother and her partner the key components needed to embrace the journey of labor. Childbirth Preparation Class is a prerequisite for this class OR a prior delivery.

Class Duration: 2 Hours 

Locations: Virtual

Price:  $80 per expecting mom & one support person